3rd SCALA General Partners Meeting

The third SCALA General Partner meeting was held in the Uniandinos - University of los Andes Alumni Association, Bogotá, Colombia on the 8th & 9th May 2019. 

Further information can be seen below:

The GM was preceded by a smaller breakfast meeting with key public health figures at the local, national and continental level.

As well as the technical meeting to continue project work, the SCALA partners attended a site visit to primary care centres and a community action committee meeting in Soacha, one intervention site for Bogotá.

  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Outcomes:
    • Training - videos to support the trainers in the main points to convey to be produced and all materials for healthcare providers to be provided online in pages for each centre.
    • Recruitment and baseline - important to know what is already happening in terms of screening and brief advice in the PHCC; people responsible for collecting the data in the centers should aim to create good relationships with providers, who can also attend the training
    • Tailoring materials - Final adjustments, support materials (e.g. desktop reminder) and language checking done in the countriesCommunication - videos and messages optimised for mobile use as the primary channel is whatsapp (with trainers and providers)
    • Publications - Co-authorship rules and a publication strategy were discussed
    • Community actions - mainly refer to a supportive environment for the health care providers to deliver the alcohol screening and brief advice.
    • Implementation - should start the following week after the training is implemented; incentives (e.g. acreditation) is important
    • Patients User Panels should focus on patient leaflets, patient questionnaire and AUDIT-C and depression screening instruments
    • Economic evaluation - Partner countries will be contacted regarding the additional information that might be needed at country level (data on hospitalization etc)