As the SCALA project progresses, you will be able to access all resources and outputs generated by the project, including: publications, reports, presentations, and videos. A number of audiovisual materials developed in Spanish are also available on the Spanish language outputs page.


SCALA project reports


SCALA Workshop, INEBRIA conference, Lübeck, September 26th, 2019

Other 2019 presentations

SCALA Workshop, INEBRIA conference, Santiago de Chile, 27-28 September 2018

  • Antoni Gual, Jürgen Rehm and Augusto Pérez present the SCALA Project at a Group Session Workshop as part of the INEBRIA Conference, 27 Sept 2018.

Other 2018 presentations

Audiovisual material

Each municipality in the SCALA study has developed audiovisual communication material with the aim of raising awareness about common problems related to alcohol and reducing the stigma of talking about alcohol problems, in order to increase screening, detection of problems and disclosure of information.

PERU - Images, videos and radio spots related to 3 key themes: tuberculosis, unprotected sex and violence

Perú alc infographic pic

Perú Póster TB     Perú Póster ITS     Perú Póster violencia

Peru - Videos:

Peru - Radio spots:

Peru - Peruvian versions of Mexican materials

Alcohol y riesgo COVID   Covid 19 y alcohol   Cuarentena y consumo de alcohol   Durante la cuarentena

Alcohol y Violencia Familiar  Baja tu consumo de alcohol mujer  Baja tu consumo de alcohol varón  Beneficios de bajar consumo  

Bebida estándar  Habla con tus hijos  Reduce tu consumo 2

Salud del Varón y el alcohol   Salud de la Mujer y el alcohol   Salud Mental y alcohol   Tips para reducir consumo en pandemia

COLOMBIA - 2 types of videos - 1) short tutorials or 'capsules' explaining key definitions and ideas, and 2) videos with messages integral to the intervention on alcohol and depression

Colombia - Capsules - standard drinks + signs of depression

Colombia - Videos - various messages about alcohol, the risks of drinking and indicators of an alcohol problem

  • Colombia - Posters: 

  • COL Picture1   COL Picture2   COL Picture3   COL Picture4


    COL Picture5   COL Picture6   COL Picture7   COL Picture8


    COL Picture9   Evita consumo exesivo poster   usted puedes hablar poster


        MEXICO - Infographics and videos with messages related to alcohol and depression, including the importance of reducing alcohol consumption to prevent COVID-19 infection

        Mexico - Infographics

        Alcohol 1  Alcohol 2  Alcohol 3  

        Alcohol 4  Alcohol 5  Alcohol 6

        Alcohol 7  Alcohol 8  Alcohol 9

        Alcohol 10   Alcohol 11  Alcohol 12

        Alcohol 13  Alcohol 14  Alcohol 15

        Alcohol 16  Alcohol 17  Alcohol 18

        Alcohol 19  Alcohol 20  Alcohol 21


        Mexico - Videos - various messages about alcohol, weekly recommended limits and teh additional risk of drinking during confinement due to the COVID pandemic



    The English versions of SCALA Clinical materials and instruments are available here. (For these in Spanish (and local variations for the 3 study sites), please see the ES outputs page.)

    Baseline Material - English

    Implementation Material - English

    Baseline Instruments - English

    Implementation Instruments - English

    Study arms 1 (control) Study arm 2 (Control with training) Study arms 3 (Short form programme) Study arm 4 (Standard length programme - collapsed with arm 3 in Nov 2020)

    Recruitment Instruments - English

    Phase 2 implements and materials - adjustments to COVID-19 pandemic conditions

    As well as collapsing arms 3 and 4 following evidence of the longer intervention not performing better than the shorter one, a second implementation stage of 6 months (phase 2) started in December 2020 running to May 2021 to recuperate data lost through COVID disruption - given the mental strain put on populations at this time, several of the instruments and clinical materials have been adjusted for this stage to give a greater emphasis to depression screening and support delivery in the intervention package by screening all patients visiting PHC for depression using the PHQ2 instrument (as opposed to only patients identified as heavy drinkers). This necessitated changes to the clinical care pathway, to the short and extended tally sheets, and to the healthcare professional booklet:

    Phase 2 clinical materials
    Phase 2 instruments
    In response to the physical lockdown of PHC units, the SCALA partners in Peru (UPCH) developed online versions of the training and intervention package for future implementation. The telemedicine package uses responsive online versions of the key clinical materials that are accessible and viewable via smartphone as well as web browser (in Spanish):

    The English versions of SCALA training materials are available here. (For these in Spanish, and the train the trainers (TNT) material, please see the ES outputs page.)

    Short form training - Arms 2 & 3 - EN

    Standard form training - Arm 4 - EN

    Training modelling videos

    The SCALA training videos are designed to model the screening and brief intervention approach of the SCALA programme for the management of alcohol problems and co-morbid depression in primary care. The videos are all in Latin American Spanish

    Videos for standard form training:

    SCALA Video 1a - Screening Pedro: +alcohol, - depression +alcohol, - depresión

    SCALA Video 1b - Brief intervention - Pedro: +alcohol, - depression

    SCALA Video 2a - Screening - Paola: +alcohol, + depression

    SCALA Video 2b - Brief intervention - Paola: +alcohol, + depression

    SCALA Video 3 - Feedback and referral - Ana-María: +alcohol, ++ depression

    Videos for short form training:

    SCALA Video A (short form) - Screening negative - Sofia: - alcohol

    SCALA Video B (short form) - Screening and brief advice - Juan: + alcohol, -depression

    SCALA Video C - Javier: patient resists remission/reference - alcohol++

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