2nd SCALA General Partners Meeting

The second SCALA General Partner meeting was held in Barcelona Hotel Pere IV from Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th October 2018. 

Further information can be seen below:

  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Outcomes:
    • Community Advisory Boards: A third arm will be added to SCALA to evaluate the impact of only receiving training without community support; Each of the countries has to prepare a municipal action plan, describing the plan for community support, including communication campaign, adoption mechanisms and support systems.
    • Municipal-based communication campaigns: Peru developing a multi-stakeholder model of communication campaign; In the calendar, align the timing of the campaign with the planned measurements (baseline, provider interviews, patient interviews).
    • Tailoring SCALA clinical intervention: Alcohol health literacy (part concerning numeracy and literacy skills) to be redesigned (too complicated); the questionnaires already validated in Western countries (such as AUDIT and PHQ) to be pretested with user panels (to ensure the questions and the translation are relevant and make sense).
    • SCALA training package: Training for trainers – organised either in one of the Latin American countries or in each of the countries separately; Booster sessions will be organized at month 2 and month 6 of the implementation.
    • Evaluation/ Economic analyses: The follow-up of the patient interview to be dropped (as follow-up will not be possible); The cost-utility analysis, relying only on follow-up data, will be dropped.