SCALA 1st Newsletter

Welcome to the SCALA Newsletter

The first edition of the SCALA newsletter (Nov 2018) includes information on the launching of the Comunity Advisory Boards in Bogotá, Lima and Mexico City, as well as news on research in the screening and brief intervention (SBI) and alcohol fields.

1st Community Advisory Boards meetings

1st Community Advisory Boards meetingsJuly and August saw the first meetings of municipal project groups in Bogotá, Lima and Mexico City. These Community Advisory Boards (CABs) are made up of professionals and experts with the capacity to inform and shape the project materials and outputs, and, according to a study by the WHO, should play a vital role in ensuring the success of the SCALA intervention.Learn more about the SCALA study districts and CABs for Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

SBI and alcohol News and Research1 newsletter pic 2

SBI and alcohol News and ResearchA new study on alcohol risk thresholds published in the Lancet earlier this year provides data that support lower limits for alcohol consumption that are than those recommended in most current guidelines. Read the paper here.