• SCALA Implementation Framework

    Main output

    SCALA Implementation Framework
    THE SCALA FRAMEWORK, the main outcome of SCALA, provides step-by-step guidance and issues to consider when implementing the SCALA 'ask and advise about alcohol' program through a primary health care system at the municipal level, to tackle the public health impacts of alcohol in Latin America and globally.

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  • SCALA at a glance


    SCALA at a glance
    SCALA is a 4-year H2020 project (from Dec 2017 - Dec 2021), with a budget of €3M, which will test the scale-up of primary health care-based prevention and management of heavy drinking and co-morbid depression through training and on-going support embedded in community-based municipal action

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  • SCALA adapts to the pandemic


    SCALA adapts to the pandemic
    The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has various impacts on SCALA, due to the need to support telemedecine, the strain put on primary health systems, and the anxiety and fear that the virus is causing in societies worldwide.

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  • The SCALA Study

    Implementation study

    The SCALA Study
    The SCALA study will test the hypothesis that the scale-up of implementing a tailored brief intervention package embedded in a wider strategy of community and municipal support in Latin American cities, will increase screening and advice rates for heavy drinking and co-morbid depression more than the usual practice, carried out by health care providers alone. Find out more...
  • Who is working on SCALA?


    Who is working on SCALA?
    SCALA involves over 25 scientists from 9 different institutions located in 7 countries in Europe and Latin America

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